Corfu Island

The island of Corfu

Corfu is considered the most cosmopolitan island among the seven islands -called Eptanisa- of the Ionian Sea. Although is the second largest island after Cephalonia, carries a great historical heritage and dozens of sights to experience.


The city of Corfu is characterized by the amazing construction, the gates and walls, the squares and traditional houses all influenced by the Venetian and English architectural style.

The old town is full of neoclassical buildings, narrow paths, old churches, castles, stone fountains, statues, museums and numerous monuments. The most famous square is Spianada where is located the palace of Sts. Micheal & George, the municipal art gallery, the monument of Union of Eptanisa and the multiangle Venetian well Liston. On the east side is located the gorgeous Old Castle where a guest can visit the famous church of St. George.


Other old churches in the city are the metropolitan Panagia Spiliotissa built in 1577, Panagia Anthivouniotissa and St. Ioannis one of the first Orthodox churches. Right at the Spianada square is located the most famous church of St. Spiridon, built in 1590, who is the protector of the island and the locals celebrate every year the name day with great respect organizing an amazing festival. Moreover it is necessary to visit the Archaelogical Museum which transfers you back to the 5th and 6th century BC.


Endless choices of places to visit

The island of Corfu

Corfu has endless choices of places to visit, beautiful sandy beaches, restaurants and bars, shopping areas, small villages and excursions to natural landscapes which will take your breath away.


The celebration of Greek Easter in Corfu is the most famous in Greece, since it is accompanied by a variety of unique customs and religious events beginning from Palm Sunday until a week after Easter day.


The carnival of Corfu has its roots from the Venetian invasion of the island and for the last 450 years is regenerated each year with a high public participation. The lavish costumes and the characteristic masks worn by the hundreds of masquerades who participate on group or float parades, manage to bring happiness and amusement to the cheerful scenic of the island.